In the late 80s, I was in college booking shows and doing a fanzine with my pal Dan Grzeca. Through some process I don't currently recall, we booked The Defoliants for a show, and afterwards interviewed them for our fanzine. When asking The Defoliants if they had any ideas for an opening band, they immediately said they wanted to play with The Watchmen. They played and rocked, and I kept in touch with all parties over the years. We used both bands for several other shows, The Watchmen made an appearance in the pages of THIS, all was good.

Fast forward to 1991. I have just graduated from Northern Illinois University and am about to embark on a road trip around the country with Dan. The day before leaving, I head out to see Pegboy perform at Metro and run into Rob there. While chatting it up at the bar, Rob mentions that he's in a new band with Brian Gay from The Watchmen, and they're looking for a guiatrist. I mention I am a guitarist. Hmmmm. Upon my return from my trip, I find a demo tape waiting. I head down to Chicago's historic Bridgeport neighborhood to meet up with the band. I meet drummer Dave Schleiweiler and singer Liz something, I have forgotten. As you can no doubt guess, she departed soon after. However I remained, and we rocked.

Through the course of several years, Buzzmuscle released two singles, and recorded a full-length LP entitled Stayeth which never saw the light of day. All the recordings were done with Steve Albini at his basement studio, with the exception of "Comedian" and "12-Step" which were recorded by Bob Weston..

Buzzmuscle was my first band and I have extremely fond memories of that time, and it always distressed me that the album was never released. So one day when Rob told me he had a CD of all the Buzzmuscle tracks, I got him to give me a copy so I could put the songs up here, along with all sorts of other assorted Buzzmuscle paraphenalia. In addition to these downloads, Buzzmuscle can be found on Bandcamp and Facebook.


Update 9/6/2019: On August 31, 2019 Buzzmuscle founder, bass player, and vocalist Rob Warmowski died at the age of 52. He was not only a great musician but a great friend as well as a passionate advocate for worker's rights and the homeless. Our heart goes out to his wife Maureen and the rest of his family. He is sorely missed. The world is far worse off without him in it.


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