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This weekend I went to DrupalCamp Vancouver and gave a talk on staging and deployment solutions in Drupal. It went really well and the audience was engaged and enthusiastic. Everyone came up with great questions and observations, and we threw around a lot of ideas. I really enjoyed myself and I'd like to extend my thanks to Ariane, Dale, Dave, Boris, and all the others who helped to organize this event.

Attached to this post are the slides from my presentation in various formats. I have also embedded a Flash version, which I didn't even know was possible until 30 minutes ago. Thank you Keynote. Also thanks to Michael Prasuhn who provided me with a really nice Drupal template for Keynote after I said I needed one on IRC.

As is the norm, the slides don't really do the presentation justice. I spent a lot of time expanding on most of the slides, and I did a demo of the deployment module. One thing that came out of this session is that you can't really understand what the deployment module brings to the table until you see it in action. I've explained this to people a dozen times, but it wasn't until I showed it that people really seemed to get it and come to life. I really need to do a screencast soon.

The big thing everyone agrees on - we won't solve this until we figure out the remote/local primary key problem. Once that happens the whole world opens up.

As far as the module goes, I am almost ready to do a real beta. I had wanted to include deployment for blocks, but it looks like that isn't going to happen for the first release. I need to clean up the UI a bit more and fix a couple existing problems. I did do a total revamp of the process of pushing items live and the messaging / error reporting around that which hasn't been checked in yet. It's a big improvement for anyone who has used a previous version. I'll post when the beta is packaged and ready, there will not be a new dev snapshot before then.

I'll write up a report on the rest of the camp in a separate post.

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Those are nice slides, but we've actually already got a default template: http://drupal.org/node/200269#comment-677930

Any chance you'd post your files as a PPT or ODP to the drupal.org issue queue or to the Drupal marketing group so that others can re-use the template? http://groups.drupal.org/drupal-marketing

I wish that I could have caught the talk as it was extremely relevant to our own development processes. Unfortunately I was presenting at the same time so there was not much that could be done. At least the slides can get me up to speed. I'll be following closely and will have our team pitch in as possible if we end up working with your deployment framework.

Your right Greg,

Slides don't do the talk justice. It just isn't the same without all the hand waving!!

I almost used the devel module when I rolled the new hazelconsulting.com live, in the end the amount of content I was transferring wasn't enough to justify the time spent configuring deploy (read that I got lazy).

However, I'll definately be putting deploy through its paces in the near future.

Many Thanks,


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