Coming Home Via Chicago

I am honored and humbled to announce that I have accepted a position as Senior Programmer at Palantir. My first day will be June 30. It is an amazing opportunity for me to dive deeper into Drupal and get more involved with the community while working with an immensely talented group of people. I'm staying in Seattle, however I will return home to Chicago periodically to satiate my homesickness and engage in nerf wars with my new colleagues.

Heading into the CMS evaluation process for a couple years ago, I had gotten to a point where I was pretty un-interested in technology and programming. It was just what I did for a living, because I was good at it and it paid decently. Working with Drupal, and specifically the Drupal community, changed all that. I drank the kool-aid in a big way, and with this new opportunity I feel totally jazzed at the prospect of kicking it up a notch. My thanks to everyone who has helped, taught, encouraged and/or tolerated me along the way. You're all awesome.


Congrats Greg on the new job! The crew at Palantir is wonderful, as is the rest of the Chicago drupal gang. If you'd like, and as I'm sure Palantir will suggest, you should get involved with the planning for a DrupalCamp Chicago coming up this fall! It's always wonderful to hear of another Chicagoan Drupaler, so congratulations and I look forward to seeing you at CDMUG and DCC meetups!

Awesome news :) I guess Crell finally is getting up to speed with expanding and strengthening his team! ;) (Recently Ken Rickard, now you.)

Greg, I totally feel your apathy. While I often love my work and projects, the bureaucracy gets me down.
good luck, man!

Good for you, Greg. And congrats to Palantir -- they're getting a great developer and a great person!

Congrats, Greg! And way to go Palantir!

I'm looking forward to seeing you brought on as a consultant! ;)

Congrats Greg.

Best of luck of luck to you. Keep in touch.

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