Currently I work at NodeOne in Stockholm, Sweden as a Solution Architect. This means I help build Drupal sites for our clients. I also maintain or have maintained several Drupal projects including

Additionally I am the owner (aka project manager) of the configuration management initiative for Drupal 8, I help to organize Drupal events, and do all sorts of other Drupal-y things.

In my remaining spare time I have been enjoying Stockholm and traveling Europe with trips to Budapest, Brussels, Copenhagen and the Norwegian fjords.

In a past life I used to write software for pinball and slot machines. This was really fun and I really miss the ability to create stuff that you can see people using out in the world every day. Here are some of the games I worked on.

If you ever find a Monopoly pinball on location, walk up to it in attract mode (the machine is just sitting there without a game started) and press the flippers in the following order. Both - 1x, left - 7x, right - 1x, left - 4x, right - 1x, left - 4x, right - 2x. Merry Christmas.

In an even older past life I was in several rock bands including Buzzmuscle and Municipal.

I wrote two chapters of this book - Drupal 7 Module Development and I co-wrote it with Matt Butcher, Larry Garfield, Matt Farina, Ken Rickard, and John Wilkins. Go buy a copy!
I am the owner of the configuration management initiative for Drupal 8. You can follow this work at the dashboard on
I work at Lullabot!. If you don't know who Lullabot is then you haven't been around in the Drupal world long have you? Come check us out!