My name is Greg Dunlap. I work at Lullabot as a Senior Architect. I write code, although less and less every day. In 2007 I was working at The Seattle Times and we decided to switch one of our sites ( to the Drupal content management system. It was cool. I drank the kool-aid. This site will mostly serve as a place to experiment and write some articles and try out some code I'm pondering.

I can often be found trying and failing to be funny in various drupal channels on (and everywhere else on the internet) as heyrocker.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my lovely lady Nicole and our buddies Ozu, Faran and Guinnevere.

I wrote two chapters of this book - Drupal 7 Module Development and I co-wrote it with Matt Butcher, Larry Garfield, Matt Farina, Ken Rickard, and John Wilkins. Go buy a copy!
I am the owner of the configuration management initiative for Drupal 8. You can follow this work at the dashboard on
I work at Lullabot!. If you don't know who Lullabot is then you haven't been around in the Drupal world long have you? Come check us out!