I can't rightly say. I mean, I like stuff and I have spent my life chasing the dream of making things better for people. This has lead me to be involved in journalism, music, coin-operated entertainment, and now open source software. All of these have had their ups and downs, but I was passionated and filled with dreams in every one of these situations, and whenever I find myself without that I feel dead inside and look elsewhere.

My current obsession with Drupal stems from my belief that

  1. The web is important
  2. People and organizations deserve quality sites to further their dreams
  3. The practice charging $400/hour so they can add an item to their drop down is bullshit
  4. Everyone gains when people are empowered to do amazing things
  5. Everyone deserves the opportunity to take as much control of their future into their own hands as they choose

Also, I have to say, the Drupal community contains some of the most stunningly awesome people I have ever met in my entire life. I am honored and humbled to be able to work amongst them and call them my friends. Truly.

I wrote two chapters of this book - Drupal 7 Module Development and I co-wrote it with Matt Butcher, Larry Garfield, Matt Farina, Ken Rickard, and John Wilkins. Go buy a copy!
I am the owner of the configuration management initiative for Drupal 8. You can follow this work at the dashboard on groups.drupal.org.
I work at Lullabot!. If you don't know who Lullabot is then you haven't been around in the Drupal world long have you? Come check us out!